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We Call It Sombrero

He didn’t see the “Bridge of Death” last time.  He didn’t know you had to go around the back.  The front side only gets you about 80%.  Even so, he thought it was pretty difficult.  His legs were perforated by some nasty cholla.  He could have fallen free climbing the Cliff of Death.  He probably should not have gone hiking alone.

Yet he survived.  The view, the solitude, the wind – they were marvelous.

Now, he has found a map.  Next time, he will conquer the peak!


Scuba diving in Lake Argyre

Mars is lovely this time of year … ever since they terraformed the planet 300 years ago, tourists have flocked to the beautiful shores of Lake Argyre.  Popular among some divers is the trip down to the bottom to see the old robotic rovers once used to explore the Red Planet’s surface.

The engineers who designed those pioneers had little idea that they would end up at the bottom of a lake…