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I had this idea to make a fortune on the stock market by looking for correlations between a given stock’s price over time and any number of other data, such as a second stock’s price, volume of news stories about the company (could get the info from Google Trends?), weather patterns, etc.  I guess I didn’t really have an idea about how to do all that before starting with the project; I’m not a financial/math wizard guy.  After working on it for a bit, I realized that huge banks must have armies of geniuses and programmers creating tools to do much the same thing as what I had invisioned…kind of lost hope that I could be able to do any better than that, so abandoned this project.

That said, I learned a few things with the project.  First, it uses Python’s urllib to open an internet connection and download a stock’s history (or two) from Google Finance for a given date range.  Also, it imports NumPy and uses it to get a correlation value between two stocks.  There is also some commented out code where I experimented with Matplotlib to generate plots.


Download:  Once unzipped, run with your favorite Python interpreter.  This is a command line console program only.  Use -h option to see all available command line options.  Prerequisites are Python and NumPy.  Tested with Python 2.6.


What do you think?

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