Smart Dots




A simple experiment in multi-agent systems and emergent behavior.   Each dot has a limited view of the world (within the red circle, the “comm range”) but does know its position in the world.  User can tell dots to go to a point and they will do it, adjusting their acceleration vector via PID control.  They can optionaly rotate about the point, too.  User can click on a dot to select it (turns the dot green) and, if “Search and Follow” is enabled, the other dots will follow the selected dot, provided they can “see” it (ie. green dot is within their comm range).


Download the latest version,  Once unzipped, run with your favorite Python interpreter.  Use -h option to see other available command line options.  Commands (keyboard and mouse) for use during simulation are show in top bar.

Prerequisites are Python and Pygame.  Tested with Python 2.6, Pygame 1.8.1.

Development History


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