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Coco (2017)

Really great movie, and makes you think.  Who will remember you after you are dead?  And what do you want to be remembered for?

Love is the best answer.


Arrival (2016)

Really did a good job on the weird, surreal, otherworldly, mysterious atmosphere regarding the alien presence.  But they kind of spoiled it when Amy Adams finally cracked their language.  Turns out they are understandable after all, and have understandable, selfish motives, just like us!

Kind of spoiled it for me.  Also the whole “we just gotta work together! Yeah!” ending is kind of lame.  Plus, knowing the alien language = being able to see the (only yours?) future is kind of …magic, not sci-fi.

“Interstellar” inconsistencies

Really liked the movie, but still ….. so much stuff required a continually resetting of my suspension of disbelief.

  • No armies, with massive famine everywhere?
  • What’s an Indian UAV doing in Midwest, USA?
  • Ok, no data can be passed back through the wormhole…but once the crew is past the wormhole, why can’t they communicate more with those on the the planets?  Shouldn’t the mission planners have accounted for this?

I could go on … many others have similar questions; this article has it covered pretty well.  And this one.

But for all that I gotta agree…man those robots were cool.

And the whole Dr. Mann part — I assumed he had a savior complex of sorts.  He wanted to be the one to save humanity, all by himself.  When the planet he selected didn’t turn out well, he fabricated data hoping to lure the secondary crew in.  When they arrived, he tried to kill them so that he could 1) cover up the data fabrication and 2) take the frozen embryos to another more promising world himself.