Phone games are for suckers

I’ve always had a notion in the back of my mind to start developing games for iOS/Android.  (Things holding me back are a lack of time and a lack of good, implement-able ideas, but that’s another story.)  Then I read stuff like “Why I’ve Said Goodbye to Mobile in Favor of PC” and “Why an Apple-featured indie dev abandoned iOS in favor of PC” and have second thoughts.  It’s a race to the bottom in terms of money – there are so many games out there for mobile, and users are reluctant to pay more than $1 (if that) unless they get roped in by the whole in-app purchases thing.  Both these devs still think the PC (via Steam) is the real place for small indies to make it, but some astute commenters on the above linked posts feel like it is moving in the same direction…

Then on the other hand, I read this: “How Hourstracker Earns Five Figures a Month.”  That app doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to code for a single developer, plus no art/sound assets needed or at least not to the extent needed for a game.  So what other needs like this are people willing to pay for?  And, which of these needs are not currently being met, at all or by a free alternative?


What do you think?

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