2010 Books of the Year (that I read)

2009 2010 Total
Classics 1 2 3
Fantasy 2 3 5
Fiction 2 2 4
Non-fiction 6 10 16
Sci-fi 7 3 10
YA 5 5
Religion 1 1
Grand Total 18 26 44

Twenty-six books read in 2010, vs eighteen for 2009.  That comparison is a little bit apples to oranges, because the 2009 total is missing data prior to March.  Also, I didn’t count audiobooks in 2009, but I did in 2010.  There are seven audiobooks in the 2010 total.  There are three non-audiobooks prior to March 2010.  So a total for 2010 more comparable to 2009 would be 16 books read.

Anyway, on with the awards.  The envelope please!

Best non-fiction: Blue Latitudes, with very honorable mentions to Stanley and Japan at War

Best fantasy: Elantris

Best sci-fi: Anathem

Best YA: The Hunger Games

What do you think?

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