“The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco

William of Baskerville and his apprentice Adso, Franciscan monk versions of Sherlock and Watson, arrive at an abbey in northern Italy in 1327, shortly before a conference on the poverty debate is set to begin between emissaries of the Avignon pope and those of the Franciscan order.  A mysterious murder has occurred and is followed by one more each day.  William investigates and eventually cracks the case, of course.

Lots of history here about the medieval church, and associated issues.  Interesting story, but it kind of dragged along and was a chore to read, until the last 50 pages or so…then the action really picks up for an exciting conclusion.

Favorite line: “Quickly!  He’s eating the Aristotle!”

(note: the cover picture is not actually the edition I read.  Couldn’t find that one…actually I think it was a re-done, blank library cover. )


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