“Axis” by Robert Charles Wilson

Kind of a ho-hum book; I thought the story never really went anywhere.  Definitely did not answer any of the lingering mysteries left by the book’s immediate predecessor, “Spin,” which I read several months ago (before starting this blog).

In “Spin,” which begins more or less in the present day, the stars disappear without warning one night.  Panic ensues for a while, but then people realize they are safe and nothing immediately dangerous is going on.  I don’t want to spoil the story, but the Earth has been put into some kind of a slowed-down time stasis bubble – thousands (millions?) of years pass by on the outside for every minute on Earth.  Obviously some higher intelligence is responsible, and most of the book focuses on humanity’s effort to figure things out….which they do not do.

I had hopes that this sequel, “Axis,” would explain more of the “Hypotheticals” intentions, but it really doesn’t.  I think that it would be just as well for the reader to enjoy “Spin” and skip “Axis.”


What do you think?

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