Softpedia is quick to the punch!

WordPress gives blog owners a lot of neat-o stats regarding their blog’s traffic.  One of the reports lists the search engine terms people entered before clicking on your blog’s link when it came up.  The site hasn’t received very many hits (only a few hundred total, most due to curious visitor’s from the Pygame website project I created for Python Chess), but there were some search engine terms like “pygame chess” or “python chess code” that led people here.

I thought, “Gee, that’s cool, you can get to my blog from Google!”  So, naturally, I wanted to check it out for myself.  I entered “python chess code” in Google, and, yep, there’s my blog down at spot #5!  But, wait, what’s down there a few spots below that…looks awfully familiar:


Ha!  I guess Softpedia must troll the pygame website periodically and copy some (all?) of the projects.  I guess I don’t really mind too much, after all I did “release” the game under the GPL – not planning on selling it or anything, and I am acknowledged as the developer on the Softpedia page for Python Chess.  But I am somewhat miffed that I wasn’t notified or asked about it before they went ahead and put my program up on their page.  Softpedia’s ripping-off process doesn’t seem to be completely automated; there are subtle differences between the description of Python Chess I wrote on the pygame website and the description given on Softpedia’s page.  So there’s some human in the loop somewhere along the way, I presume…would have been nice to get some notification or something from said human.  But, I guess that would take too much of their time away – time that they could be spending ripping off other people’s programs!

Anyhow, the Softpedia page says there are 120 (!) downloads of Python Chess since they listed it (April 29th).  That’s cool, hope ya’ll liked it!  There are a handful of generally positive comments on the pygame Python Chess page; so I know some have downloaded it via that route as well.  I guess I’m a published developer now!  Woo hoo!  😉

What do you think?

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