Python Chess, v0.6 – Compatibility Fixes

No big changes in this version of Python Chess, just a few compatibility fixes.  I decided version 0.5 was ready to be released to the world, so I posted it on the Pygame website:  And, at least one person actually downloaded and played!  He pointed out some issues/fixes with running on Linux (I had just been developing with Windows).

So here’s the really, truly, cross-platform, Python Chess:


2 responses

  1. It uses 70-90% of the cpu even when nothing is going on 😦

    1. Hmm, I hadn’t noticed that before! I checked and on my system it’s about 30-40%…still way too high!

      I did some searching and found that the problem is the usage of pygame.event.get() rather than pygame.event.wait(), which is more appropriate for a game like chess. I’ll make the change in the next version.

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