Plan of Attack

Ok, it’s often said that you should have a plan before doing anything.  You can deviate from that plan, but it helps to know generally where you are going.

So here’s the plan regarding creating a video game:

  • Get a version of linux set up for development.  I have read up on the internet (ie. about different distributions.  I think I will try out Ubuntu and go from there.  I might try Fedora; I use Red Hat at work, but it seems like Ubuntu is more popular….and, popular == better, right??
  • Learn Python.  Seems cool and pretty useful. 
  • Create a simple game from scratch, using Python and C++ if necessary.  I am thinking something on the level of Pong or Pac-man.
  • Review some mature-development open-source games.  Look through the code and try to figure out how they do stuff. 
  • Get involved in a large open-source game project.
  • ???
  • Profit!

What do you think?

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